Version 1, Release Date 31/07/19

Showcase of the movement and the level designed

Version 2, Release Date 01/08/19

Added a Main Menu and sound into the game

Version 3, Release Date 02/08/2019

Added contact with wolf and middle carrot

Added difficulty with more  wolves when you reach goal and reset.

Version 4, Release Date 02/08/2019

Added User interface elements In-game : (Mini-map, placeholder for stats and ability's and a menu to restart or go to back to the Main Menu)

Added a way to loose the game

Moved the camera to have a better grasp of the terrain and play field area

Version 5, Release Date 04/08/2019

Adjusted the hit box with the wolf and rabbit

Adjusted the UI(user interface) In-game to scale when full screen

Added Mana and prepared the field for future spell

Version 6, Release Date 05/08/2019

Added UI(user interface) for spell

Dash spell is functional

Adjusted the mana text to not move each time a decimal was added

Adjusted player movement for faster rotation for a better control In-game

Version 7, Release Date 05/08/2019

Warp spell is functional

Balanced the spell cost

Version 8, Release Date 05/08/2019

All spells are now functional

Reduced mana cost and cool-down duration for a more active game-play and fun until the level up system is in place

Version 9, Release Date 05/08/2019

Added lives

Added Check Points

Added UI(user interface) for lost and Game Over

Version 10, Release Date 07/08/2019

Added levels to spells and a leveling system to a max level of 11 per spell

Added carrots and reset carrot for level when reaching end zone

Version 11, Release Date 07/08/2019

Modified intro text

Added a bit of rocks and grass for a pretty effect

Adjusted the mana cost text to update

Version 12 Release Date 08/08/2019

Added a toggle for keyboard control to move with arrow keys

Added a toggle to freely move camera

Redid spells to be able to click to activate them instead of only pressing the Q,W,E keys

Version 13 Release Date 11/08/2019

Added night and day cycle

Added difficulty level

Added White Wolf that will follow player around at difficulty 2

Added Bear that will destroy everything in its path at difficulty 3

Added Traps, if white wolf trigger on trap he will go back to his den until the next night

Added Victory Scene after reaching the middle carrot at difficulty 3