Game was made for the GAB Jam: Fresh Start

The theme was interpreted in this project as the player have a fresh start going from the total ground up through dimension. From a simple dot representing the dimension 0 going through a line for the 1D, then being able to move up and down and left and right for the 2D up to 3D with perspective.

-Controls :Depending on the dimension controls will varies, right now only 0D and 1D is implemented so  controls are AD Or Directional arrow to move and space to shoot.

Unfinished project that I will work on more when ill have more time.

Everything was made during game jam except for 2 sound effect and 1 theme music that were taken from open game art.

Sci-fi_ theme taken from open game art =

For Shooting laser Sound

This SFX was created for the game prototype: Space Pioneer

Triki Minut Interactive


K.L.Jonasson, Winnipeg, Canada.

Triki Minut Interactive

Muffled explosion taken from open game art =

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